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Benefits of Certification

When you become certified, registrants will immediately enjoy professional status and enhanced recognition by peers, as well as employers and other professional groups. Networking opportunitites with other like-minded detailers via Institute events and career-related activities are there for the more active member.

Member services and group plans or programs that are available through ASTTBC add value to your certification.

steel detailing Post your skills and expertise on the Canadian Technical Employment Network (CTEN)
steel detailing Save on disability, accident, health, dental and home insurance, especially important if you're self-employed; check out Maritime Life and Meloche Monnex
steel detailing Purchase quality digital or digital/analog phones
steel detailing Lease or buy new cars, decide what make and model of new car

All this and more adds up to GREAT VALUE as part of your certification!

Please note

Participants in these group plans must be currently registered and in good standing with ASTTBC. Should your registration lapse, you no longer qualify for benefits under these programs and subsequent insurance claims could be denied by the insurance company.
While ASTTBC makes every effort to deal with established suppliers who offer solid, value-added services, ASTTBC accepts no responsibilitiy for goods or services provided by outside suppliers. All technologists, technicians and technical specialists are advised to review offerings based on their own needs; the degree of benefits received can vary depending on your individual circumstances.


benefits of certification
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