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Career Log

Professional recognition - your certification through ASTTBC a key step in your career as a steel detailer. Your Career Log will assist you in:

1. earning your steel detailer qualification
2. documenting your experience and continuing education
3. producing resumes or detailing your job achievements during annual performance
The purpose of Career Log is to document your work experience. Your Career Log will provide the Board of Examiners with a clear picture of your responsibilities and achievements.
To achieve certification or re-certification with ASTTBC, you are required to submit your Career Log with your application.
Your are encouraged to continue making entries in your Career Log throughout your career. All professions that serve the public interest are seeing an increase in standards. Life-long learning and continuing professional development are already mandatory in many professions. ASTTBC’s Code of Ethics requires members to maintain technical competency and your Career Log will show that you have kept pace with changes in your industry. ASTTBC may require all steel detailers to keep a Career Log on an on-going basis.
 The Career Log is just one tool that ASTTBC provides to help you take charge of your career. The Career Log is designed to work as one module of the Career Manager, a self-paced guide-book to help you achieve success in your career.

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