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JULY 13, 2015

DACUM SESSION - ASTTBC needs your help!

ASTTBC is currently developing a curriculum/competency list (DACUM) for Steel Detailers. We need your help to participate in a focus group in a facilitated process to capture the major duties, related tasks, necessary knowledge, skills, and traits of the job.

We are looking for 3 hours of your time one evening or half a day on Saturday to participate in the focus group. We will provide dinner or lunch depending on the time/date chosen. This volunteer work will count for 1 CPD credit towards your designation.

We are looking for 5 volunteers plus a facilitator. Depending on availability, we plan on holding the meeting between the dates of July 22 or 23. If you are interested in participating please contact Karen McDiarmid at or call her at 604-763-1827 by Wednesday, July 15.

What is the process?

In the DACUM process, youwill analyze your own job, identifying duties and tasks. The facilitator coordinates the job-related tasks to present an occupational profile describing specific duties and tasks that competent workers must perform.

Identified tasks are sequenced and ranked based on:

Criticality: Essential and/or most important components of a job

Most time consuming: Tasks that consume the majority of the workers time

New worker training needs: Tasks that should be included in introductory training programs

Veteran worker training needs: Tasks that should be included in veteran training programs

The job task profile is vetted to further adjust the profile then validated. Once the profile has been validated, a task analysis breakdown will further define the job. The validated profile and the task analysis will then be used to develop a curriculum.


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